Handbook 2006

Course Information
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    Bullet Faculty of Arts and Sciences

     Bullet Faculty of Education
     Bullet Faculty of Health Sciences

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Australian Catholic University
Bullet Australian Catholic University
Bullet The Mission Statement
Bullet The Management Structure
Bullet Governance of the University
Bullet Principal Officers of The University
Bullet Honorary Titles Conferred
Bullet University Flagship and Research Centres

General Information
Bullet Academic Year
Bullet Admission
Bullet Associated Bodies
Bullet Fees
Bullet Legislative Requirements
Bullet International Students
Bullet Services
     Bullet Student Associations
     Bullet Libraries
     Bullet Student Services - Study Skills, Campus Ministry,      Counselling, Disability and Medical Conditions
Bullet University Contact Details
Bullet Academic Regulations 2006
Bullet Research and Professional Doctorate Degree Regulations
Bullet Assessment Policy and Procedures
Bullet Academic Honesty Policy
Bullet Policy on Elite Athlete Support
Bullet Policy on Quality Teaching and Learning
     Bullet Policy Statement
     Bullet Implementation of the Policy
Bullet Student Conduct and Discipline
Student Grievance Management Policy and Processes
     Bullet Appendix 1 Resolving Academic Concerns
     Bullet Appendix 2a Formal Process to Manage Grievance
     Bullet Appendix 2b Informal Process to Manage Grievance
Bullet University Visitor
     Bullet Policy and Procedures
     Bullet Outline of Visitor Charter

Policy for Appeal and Review on Administrative Matters
Statement on External Avenues of Appeal or Complaint
Australian Catholic University Privacy Statement
Bullet Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Bullet Bursaries, Prizes and Scholarships
Bullet University Medals and Faculty Medals

University Research Degrees
Bullet General Information on Research Degrees
Bullet Research Services Office Website
bullet Research Regulations
bullet ACU National Funded Research Higher Degree
bullet Master of Philosophy (Preliminary Program)
bullet Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
bullet Master of Psychology(Child and Family) - Doctor of Philosophy
bullet Master of Psychology (Clinical) - Doctor of Philosophy


Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Faculty Introduction
Bullet Faculty Staff
Bullet Campuses At Which Courses Are Available       

Faculty of Education
Faculty Introduction
Bullet Faculty Staff
Bullet Campuses At Which Courses Are Available
Bullet Higher degrees

Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty Introduction
Bullet Faculty Staff
Bullet Faculty Policy Pertaining to Students Undertaking Honours and Minor Master's Theses
Bullet General Information Postgraduate Courses
Bullet Recommended Health Procedures
Bullet Campuses At Which Courses Are Available