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Faculty of Arts and Sciences Introduction


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Australian Catholic University offers courses leading to awards at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University's six campuses, and in Hong Kong, within the specialisations of the liberal and creative arts, the social sciences, the natural sciences, informatics and business. The Faculty comprises a Sub-Faculty of Business and Informatics, a Sub-Faculty of Philosophy and Theology, and Schools of Arts and Sciences, Psychology and Social Work with staff working in a wide range of discipline areas including Australian studies, Asian studies (including Japanese), behavioural science, biblical studies, business, church history and patristics, drama, environmental science, ethics, geography, history, information technology, literature, media, music, philosophy, psychology, social science, social work, theology, and visual and performing arts. Listed in the following pages are the courses, the awards to which they lead, the campuses where they are offered and the Schools of the Faculty responsible for the courses.

The Faculty accepts the intrinsic worth of liberal studies to the individual and to society at large and seeks to offer undergraduate, graduate and research courses which are both challenging academically and responsive to society's rapidly changing demands. Through its courses it seeks to prepare its students to think critically, informed by their studies and the goals set out in the Mission Statement of the University, especially the aim 'to be a community characterised by free inquiry and academic integrity'.

The Faculty aims to produce graduates who are well-equipped to serve the wider community in its ethical, cultural, scientific and commercial development. Our graduates are achieving this in a broad range of occupations. They are found in management and administration, in advertising, public relations, business and commerce, social work, the church, private enterprise, journalism, teaching and community services.

The Faculty has a vigorous research program and, apart from articulated coursework Master's degrees, has facilities for the research degrees of MPhil and PhD in fields mutually arranged by candidates and staff able to supervise them. We invite those who are already graduates to consider such possibilities at this University.

If you are about to undertake tertiary studies for the first time, and are reading this guide as an aid in selecting a field of tertiary study, you are about to embark on a great intellectual adventure. Whatever you choose to do, I wish you well and I assure you of a warm welcome from the staff and later-year students of the Faculty.

Professor PG Carpenter
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences