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Application Through Tertiary Admission Centres

Unless otherwise stated in the relevant course information, applicants for undergraduate courses should apply through the relevant state Tertiary Admissions Centre. For details of admission requirements refer to the relevant course information in this Handbook.

Visit the ACU National website at


Direct Entry Application
Applicants (other than International, Research and ACUweb) complete a Direct Entry Application Form unless otherwise specified.

Direct Application Forms are available from the website or by contacting the Student Centre.

Direct Entry Application Forms, together with any supporting documentation, should be returned to the ACU National Admissions Section.

Applicants MUST provide certified copies of any previous qualification and/or any other supporting documentation in relation to their application. Examples of such documents include:

· academic qualifications including testamurs / academic transcripts / results certificates;
· Birth / Marriage Certificates etc required as evidence of name change;
· copy of Permanent Resident Visa;
· copy of Australian Certificate of Citizenship;
· an Academic Transcript downloaded from a website is not acceptable as it is not an official academic record.

Documentation must be certified using one of the two methods listed below. Documentation not properly certified will be returned and may delay processing of applications.

Certification of documentation by authorised University staff for administrative purposes

Present the originals and a photocopy to the Student Centre at any campus of the University for certification. Student Centre staff will check the documents, verify the copy and then endorse with a stamp.

Certification of documentation by authorised persons outside the University

ACU National will accept copies if they have been properly certified by one of the following: Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declaration, Barrister, Solicitor, Police Officer, Minister of Religion authorised to celebrate marriages, Principal in the teaching service, Town Clerk, Shire Secretary, Bank Manager, Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist, Veterinary Surgeon, Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Member of the Australian Society of Practising Accountants, Member of the National Institute of Accountants.

The copy must be endorsed by any of the persons listed above with the following information (or a stamp containing the following information).
I certify that this is a true and accurate copy of the original document

Name in Full
Appropriate position title (in accordance with the list above)
Registration No (if applicable)
Organisation (if applicable)

To obtain the ACU National ‘Direct Entry Application Form’ or further information

The ‘Direct Entry Application Form’ is available from the Admissions website at

Alternatively, contact one of the following ACU National Student Centres.

Ballarat Campus Vic (Aquinas)
Telephone (03) 5336 5361

Brisbane Campus Qld (McAuley at Banyo)
Telephone (07) 3623 7139

Canberra Campus ACT (Signadou)
Telephone (02) 6209 1116

Melbourne Campus Vic (St Patrick's)
Telephone (03) 9953 3062

North Sydney Campus NSW (MacKillop)
Telephone (02) 9739 2305

Strathfield Campus NSW (Mount Saint Mary)
Telephone (02) 9701 4012

To lodge the ‘Direct Entry Application Form
Forward to:
ACU National Admissions Section
Postal Address
PO Box 456 Virginia Qld 4053
Street Address
1100 Nudgee Road, Banyo Qld 4014