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ACU offers Commonwealth-supported and fee-paying places.

The majority of postgraduate coursework programs are offered on a fee-paying basis (a small number of Commonwealth-supported places may be available in some postgraduate courses). Fee-paying places are also available in undergraduate courses.
Details of fees are available from the Student Fees Section.

Information about fees for international students is available from the International Education Office.


Commonwealth-supported Student Places

Students who are enrolled in the University and are allocated a Commonwealth-supported place are required by the Australian Government to pay student contributions towards the cost of their higher education. The Government has advised the following CPI indexed, maximum student contribution levels (annual) for pre-2005 students studying in 2005. ACU placed a freeze on the student contribution level for commencing students in 2005; therefore the 2005 rates of the ACU student contribution levels for all Commonwealth-supported students (other than students who commenced their studies prior to 1997) are:

Discipline Cluster
ACU National Student Contribution Level
Per Standard Year
Per Unit
Accounting, mathematics, statistics
computing, health, science
Humanities, arts, behavioral sciences,
social sciences, foreign languages,
visual and performing arts
National priorities: Education, nursing
$481 - $385 depending on
number of units in standard

Note: (this table combines funding clusters with the same value)

Pre-1997 Commonwealth-supported Students - $2889.00 per standard year.

Information about Commonwealth-supported places, 2005 student contribution amounts, and the Higher Education Loan programme (HELP) will be provided in a Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) prepared booklet which will be circulated with enrolment packages.

For Commonwealth-supported students, the Student Services Fee (SSF) is payable in addition to the student contribution rate.


2005 Domestic Student Tuition Fees
Where undergraduate courses are Commonwealth supported, additional places may be available on a fee-paying basis. ACU tuition fees for fee-paying students in 2005 are:



Fee per unit (inclusive of Student Services Fee)

Nursing undergraduate units


Theology and Religious Education undergraduate and postgraduate units


Business, Management and IT undergraduate and postgraduate units


Other non-award, associate diploma, diploma. advanced diploma, associate degree, bachelor degree and postgraduate units


Students may apply for FEE-HELP if they enrol in undergraduate fee-paying or postgraduate fee-paying courses, and if they meet one of the following criteria:
1. Australian citizen; OR
2. holder of a permanent humanitarian visa
and meet eligibility requirements.

Eligible students in fee-paying places may borrow up to the full amount of the tuition fee for their course using the FEE-HELP scheme. The maximum FEE-HELP entitlement is $50000 (lifetime, indexed).
Information about FEE-HELP will be provided in a Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) prepared booklet, which will be circulated with enrolment packages.


Student Services Fee (SSF)

All students are levied for provision of support services and amenities. Part of this fee is remitted to the relevant Student Representative Council to support its activities. The University charges Student Services Fees on a per Unit basis and the fees for 2005, inclusive of GST, are listed below:
Commonwealth supported students will be invoiced as follows:
SSF is levied at $50 per unit. If the student pays by the due date they will receive a $10 discount per unit. Therefore a student who is enrolled in four units and who pays by the due date, will be charged $160. If the student does not pay by the due date they will be charged at $50 per unit (eg. therefore a student who is enrolled in four units and who pays after the due date will pay $200).

Students undertaking their studies by distance mode will be charged a set rate of $55 per semester.
SSF is levied and payable on a yearly basis for Commonwealth-supported students.

For Fee-paying undergraduate and postgraduate students, the SSF of $40 per unit is incorporated within the overall unit fee. FEE-HELP assistance is not available to meet the cost of SSF.

For further information on Fees and due dates for payment, please refer the ACU website: