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Introduction to the Faculty of Education


We welcome you to the Faculty of Education at Australian Catholic University.

The Faculty has a long reputation as a leading provider of quality teacher education, firstly through its predecessor colleges and more recently as part of the Australian Catholic University which was established in January 1991. The Faculty offers preservice teacher education programs for beginning teachers and a range of advanced coursework and research programs for specialist and experienced teachers at five of the University's six campuses. In 2003, we provided courses for over 5,000 students, making us the second largest provider of teacher education programs in Australia.

Students rate the quality of their experience as a student of the Faculty of Education highly, not just because of the caring and personalised environment in which they study, but also because of the distinctive nature of the programs that are offered and the opportunities they have to engage in a range of community-based learning experiences that include, but are not restricted to school-based placements. The opportunity to undertake studies in religious education also adds to the distinctiveness of the Faculty's programs and enhances students' employment options when they graduate. Our graduates are prepared and are eligible for registration to teach across the government, independent and catholic school sectors.

The distinctive place of the Faculty in teacher and adult education in Australia is also exemplified by its involvement in initiatives associated with the promotion of equity and social justice. Nationally, the Faculty of Education is a leading provider of programs for Indigenous students with over 220 students enrolled in its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Internationally, it is involved in partnerships with overseas educational organisations in delivering programs for disadvantaged communities in East Timor, Mauritius and Pakistan.
The Faculty's research profile is focussed on its areas of strength in teaching and learning; literacy, mathematics education, educational leadership, spiritual moral and religious education and human rights and social justice education. The Master of Philosophy, PhD and the professional doctorate, the Doctor of Education, offer prospective students a great deal of flexibility in researching one of these areas or a related area of professional interest.

We invite you to join our community as a student or new member of staff to experience the unique approach that the Faculty brings to the important work of educating our teachers for the future.

Marie Emmitt
Professor and Dean of Education