Postgraduate Certificate in Indigenous and Cross-Cultural Education



40 credit points

Mode of Offering


Special Admission

Course Structure


Duration                                  6 months full-time or equivalent part-time

Available at                            Strathfield Campus NSW (Mount Saint Mary)

This course will provide further study opportunities for those working in the fields of Aboriginal Education and Cross-cultural Education. Educators of both adults and children are having to deal both with the increased levels and awareness of diversity in society, and the impact of the backlash against this diversity on individuals and on groups within their educational institutions.

Participants will explore the relationships between society, culture, organisations and the forces for social change. In particular, participants will examine:

·         the manner in which culture operates, and is ‘read’, within the context of current social debates;

·         its role within the spheres of politics, economics and legislation;

·         the way in which this in turn gives rise to questions about personal, social and organisational ethics; and

·         the power, representation and participation of various groups, including Indigenous Australians, in Australian society.

The Certificate will specifically examine how the development of policies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education arose from the Aboriginal experience of exclusion and assimilation in education. It addresses three key issues in education of a culturally diverse society:

·         education within diversity;

·         education for diversity;

·         education about diversity.

The course is intended to prepare adult educators for all aspects of teaching in a culturally diverse society, but in particular, for the unique knowledge, skills and attitudes required for teaching in Australia. Students will be drawn from:

·         people working in the areas of health and welfare;

·         legal practitioners and school teachers wishing to develop or expand their knowledge of adult education       as a field of practice;

·         multicultural health and welfare workers; and

·         Indigenous workers and adult educators wishing to develop their cross-cultural education skills.

Mode of Offering

This course is offered on campus.


Application should be made on the Direct Entry Application Form available on the ACU National website, or from the Student Centre. Direct Entry Application Forms, together with any supporting documentation, should be submitted to the ACU National Admissions Section.

Normal entry will be by degree or graduate diploma qualifications in the fields of school and community education. There is also provision for recognition of previous work and study experience in relevant fields.

Religious belief is not a criterion for entry.

Special Admission

Applicants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent are specifically encouraged to apply.

Course Structure

Unit Offerings

Unit offerings will vary subject to student demand and lecturer availability.

Elective units will vary between campuses and from year to year.


Adult Education for a Culturally Diverse Society


Social, Cultural and Organisational Analysis


Case Studies in Cross-Cultural Education


Indigenous Education in Australia

Requirements for Completion of Award

Satisfactory completion of four units.

Total of 40 credit points.