Postgraduate Certificate in Child Protection


40 credit points


Duration                                  6 months full-time or equivalent part-time

Available at                            Strathfield Campus NSW (Mount Saint Mary)

Children should be able to grow up in an environment which enables them to develop physically, intellectually and socially in conditions of freedom and dignity. The protection of children is a shared responsibility of parents, professionals and the wider community. Child protection and child abuse are complex and sensitive issues which our society is endeavouring to address. There is an increasing need for all those who have dealings with young people to maintain a well-informed professional knowledge of the facts and associated issues pertaining to child abuse.

This course will develop practitioners' knowledge and skills in the planning and implementation of programs to minimise the impacts of child abuse in the community. These programs will assist practitioners to effectively work in the field by identifying children who may be at risk, implementing pro-active strategies to develop protective behaviours in these children and assist their families to be pro-active in the area of child protection.

This course has been developed for teachers, childcare workers, residential careers and community workers who deal with children and families. This course will provide them with the knowledge and skills to effectively work in the field.

Participants will:

  • examine the discourse of child abuse;
  • design, implement and evaluate child abuse prevention programs in a variety of settings;
  • understand the process for case management child protection intervention;
  • further develop and utilise knowledge and skills to foster inter-agency collaboration in child protection.

Mode of Offering

This course is offered on campus.


Apply to UAC.

'Apply-by-Web' applications are available at Go to the postgraduate section then click on the Apply-by-Web under Login Access and follow the instructions provided. Application Forms (Form PG) and instructions are also available from the Student Centre or UAC. Applications through UAC do not require academic records as they are available electronically.

Normal entry will be by degree or graduate diploma qualifications in the fields of school and community education. There is also provision for recognition of previous work and study experience in relevant fields.

Special Admission

Applicants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent are specifically encouraged to apply.

Core Units
Unit Offerings
Unit offerings will vary subject to student demand and lecturer availability.
Elective units will vary between campuses and from year to year.


Identification and Management of Children at Risk


Implementing Child Abuse Prevention Programs


Societal Responses to Child Abuse: Systems Intervention

Elective Units (one unit to be selected)

Electives offered in this course give students the opportunity to select an area of interest for in-depth study.


Families in the Community


Social, Cultural and Organisational Analysis

Requirements for Completion of Award

Satisfactory completion of four units.

Total of 40 credit points.