Graduate Certificate In Professional Leadership




40 credit points

Mode of Offering


Course Structure

Requirements for Completion of Award


Duration                                 6 months full-time or equivalent part-time

Available at                            Brisbane Campus Qld (McAuley at Banyo)
                                             Melbourne Campus Vic (St Patrick's)
                                             Strathfield Campus NSW (Mount St Mary)

The Graduate Certificate in Professional Leadership course responds to the clearly identified needs of those entrusted with leadership and roles which include supervision and management.

The course addresses questions of personal integrity, institutional authenticity and leadership in a climate of cultural change and will promote opportunities for practical application by way of appropriate structures and strategies. The course will assist participants to discover:

  • the range of skills, attitudes and behaviours at personal, group and organisational levels that contribute to, or detract from, socially responsible and professional leadership;
  • examine the nature and characteristics of a system's or organisation's culture and the challenges for leaders in implementing and sustaining change in entrenched cultures;
  • develop strategies and action plans to promote high levels of personal and institutional integrity and authenticity;
  • understand the responsibilities of professional leaders; and develop a personal, professional stance that is authentic and confident.

Mode of Offering
This course is offered in mixed mode. Not all units may be offered in a particular year.

Application should be made on the Direct Entry Application Form available on the ACU National website, or from the Student Centre. Direct Entry Application Forms, together with any supporting documentation, should be submitted to the ACU National Admissions Section.

Normal entry is after completion of an initial degree. Recognition will be also given for prior learning and experience.

This course is offered only to groups. Contact the School of Educational Leadership on 02-9701 4167 for more details.

Course Structure
Unit Offerings
Unit offerings will vary, subject to student demand and lecturer availability.
Elective units will vary between campuses and from year to year.

EDLE407 Leadership for Organisational Cultural Change
EDLE408 Values, Cultures and Organisations
EDLE409 Personal and Professional Integrity and Authenticity
EDLE410 Promoting Professional Organisational Cultures


Requirements for Completion of Award
Satisfactory completion of 4 core units.
Total of 40 credit points.