Graduate Certificate in Professional Development




40 credit points



Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning

Course Structure

Duration                                 6 months full-time or equivalent part-time

Available at                            Ballarat Campus Vic (Aquinas)
                                             Brisbane Campus Qld (McAuley at Banyo)
                                             Canberra Campus ACT (Signadou)
                                             Melbourne Campus Vic (St Patrick's)
                                             Strathfield Campus NSW (Mount St Mary)

This course builds on professional development programs and modules already completed by candidates. The course provides an opportunity for teachers and other professional educators to:

  • upgrade their qualifications;
  • study recent educational developments;
  • advance their knowledge and understanding of education and schooling in the contemporary world;
  • explore both the theory and the practice of a specified discipline, professional role or educational issue.


Application should be made on the Direct Entry Application Form available on the ACU National website, or from the Student Centre. Direct Entry Application Forms, together with any supporting documentation, should be submitted to the ACU National Admissions Section.


Applicants for courses offered in the online study mode must apply and enrol online through ACUweb at

Students may choose to study in mixed mode, ie on-campus and online. A student who is currently enrolled in a course on-campus and who elects to study some online units should not reapply through ACUweb for admission to the same course. However, students must apply through ACUweb to enrol in, and to withdraw from, their online units of study.

Applicants must have completed an undergraduate qualification in Education or a bachelors degree (or approved equivalent) in an area other than education.

Applicants with qualifications in fields other than teacher education may be admitted if the qualification is relevant.

Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning

Opportunities exist for obtaining credit and recognition of prior learning.

Course Structure

Unit Offerings

Unit offerings will vary, subject to student demand and lecturer availability.

Elective units will vary between campuses and from year to year.

Requirements for Completion of Award

The course consists of a total of 40 credit points comprising 4 units (10cp each). These units may be developed as modules with 2 modules equal to 1 unit.

Units will come from the following sources.

  • Units and modules offered by education institutions/systems, professional associations and other professional development providers. The content and delivery mode for these units is negotiated with particular cohorts and is approved by ACU National.
  • Units in graduate certificate or other approved postgraduate courses in education offered by ACU National.

A minimum of two units must be studied at Australian Catholic University for the qualification to be awarded by Australian Catholic University.