Graduate Certificate in Orff Music Education



40 credit points

Duration                                6 months full-time or equivalent part-time

Available at                            Melbourne Campus VIC (St Patrick's)

This graduate certificate aims to provide professional development in music education for teachers and educators. Participants can upgrade their knowledge and skills in music and music education.

The course also aims to enable students to continue building their own musicianship skills to add to their knowledge regarding the implementation of concept teaching in music, and to undertake ongoing research in Orff music and music education. In addition, the course offers the opportunity to study in depth the history and philosophy of the Orff Schulwerk approach. An important outcome of the course will be a high level of confidence as participants embark upon the delivery of quality music teaching.

Mode of Offering

This course is offered by a variety of weekend, vacation school and/or weekly attendance. It may be offered at various off-campus locations where appropriate.


Application should be made on the Direct Entry Application Form available on the ACU National website, or from the Student Centre. Direct Entry Application Forms, together with any supporting documentation, should be submitted to the ACU National Admissions Section.

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in Education or a bachelor's degree in an area other than Education and a Graduate Diploma in Education (or approved equivalent). Confidence with the implementation of creative music programs, as well as music skills and knowledge commensurate with AMEB Theory Grade 4 is normally required.

Course Structure

Unit Offerings

Unit offerings will vary subject to student demand and lecturer availability.

Elective units will vary between campuses and from year to year.

Subject to staff availability the following units form the basis of the coursework component of both the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma courses:


Introduction to Orff Music and Movement Education


Developing the Music Curriculum Using the Orff Process


Implementation and Evaluation with the Orff Approach


The Orff Approach and Community Settings


Requirements for Completion of Award

Satisfactory completion of 4 units.

Total of 40 credit points.