Specialisations in: Primary, Secondary
80 credit points

Duration 1 year full-time or equivalent part-time*

Available at                             Canberra Campus ACT (Signadou)
                                                Strathfield Campus NSW (Mount Saint Mary)

* After satisfactory completion of a three-year pre-service course of teacher education.

Specialisation in: 2-4 Year Upgrade
120 credit points
Duration 1.5 years full-time or equivalent part-time
Available at Strathfield Campus NSW (Mount Saint Mary)

* After satsifactory completion of a two-year preservice course of teacher education


This course provides the completion and closure of the initial or basic professional preparation of all teachers. It serves the needs of all teachers who work in the K-6 or 7-12 class range. The course can also provide professional consolidation for teachers who foresee a career in Catholic education.

Mode of Offering
The course is taught on campus.

Application should be made on the Direct Entry Application Form available on the ACU National website, or from the Student Centre. Direct Entry Application Forms, together with any supporting documentation, should be submitted to the ACU National Admissions Section.
Applicants will normally have satisfactorily completed a Bachelor of Teaching or an equivalent 2 or 3 year Diploma of Teaching (Primary) or a qualification approved as equivalent.

Course Structure
Unit Offerings
Unit offerings will vary subject to student demand and lecturer availability.
Elective units will vary between campuses and from year to year.

In order to graduate a student must have successfully completed 8 subject units in the Primary and Secondary strands; or 12 units to successfully complete the 2-year trained to 4-year trained conversion.

Core Units

EDTS421 Reflective Classroom Research
EDTS505 Curriculum in Action
* For students who wish to have a non-school focus to their study.

Elective Units
Students, in consultation with a course adviser and according to the guidelines for the award of the degree, select a number of electives from the areas of Discipline Studies, Education Studies and Teaching/Curriculum Studies.

Students with little experience in Information Technology are strongly encouraged to select Information Technology electives.

Discipline Studies
Students may select any unit from the Bachelor of Arts course including a number of Art and Music units. Students are reminded that many Faculty of Arts and Science units have prerequisites; details of which can be found in this Handbook.

Other Discipline Study electives may be chosen from the following:

Education Studies

EDAC219 Advocacy, Power and Empowerment

EDAC301 Attitudes and Inclusion

EDAC424 Social Justice, Ethical and Legal Issues

EDFD102 Race and Racism in Australian Educational Contexts

EDFD111 Alternatives in Education

EDFD112 Children at Risk

EDFD207 Social Justice and Education

EDFD210 Global Perspectives in Education

EDLA403 Children and Literature

EDPH411 Recreation and Outdoor Education in the Primary School

Teaching/Curriculum Studies

EDFD426 Educating Gifted Students

EDPH408 Health Studies K-6: Movement Education

EDSS409 Human Society and its Environment 5

EDST419 Designing IT Resources in Education

EDST422 Environmental Education

EDTS508 Development of Positive Classroom Behaviour

There is also provision for students to undertake, in consultation with the Course Coordinator, a project or independent study.

Requirements for Completion of Award
Bachelor of Education (Primary) (4th Year Upgrade)
· 2 core unis (20 credits);
· 6 electives (60 credit points) normally including 2 units from Education or Teaching/Curriculum Studies;
Total of 80 credit points.

Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (4th year Upgrade)*
· 2 core units (20 credit points);
· 6 electives which will comprise:
- 2 Discipline Study electives (20 credit points);
- 2 Education Electives (20 credit points);
- 2 additional electives (20 credit points);
Total of 80 credit points.

Bachelor of Education 2-year trained to 4-year trained conversion*
· 2 core units (20 credit points);
· 10 electives (100 credit points) which normally include 2 Educational Studies units;
Total of 120 credit points.

* Students are strongly advised to contact the course coordinator to discuss their program of study to ensure that they meet requirements for teacher registration.