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Faculty of Arts and Sciences Staff


Office of the Dean School of Arts and Sciences - New South Wales
School of Arts and Sciences - Queensland School of Arts and Sciences - Victoria
School of Psychology School of Social Work - ACT
Sub Faculty of Business and Informatics Office of the Head - Business and Informatics
School of Business and Informatics- New South Wales School of Business and Informatics - Queensland
John and Barbara Ralph School of Business and Informatics - Victoria Sub Faculty of Philosophy and Theology
School of Philosophy School of Theology - ACT
School of Theology - New South Wales School of Theology - Queensland
School of Theology - Victoria  


The lists show family name first, then (in brackets) the title for correspondence, followed by other names or initials. Abbreviations of religious orders and institutions are shown in small capitals. Next, honours and decorations, and professional abbreviations such as TC, TPC, TSTC (to indicate a teaching qualification), RN, etcetera (for registered nurses) and various nursing certificates ending with a comma.

Then come awards from universities, colleges of advanced education, etcetera with the name of the institution (usually abbreviated) in brackets. In general, the University uses the abbreviation preferred by the Association of Commonwealth Universities, and also follows the Association's practice in not printing gradations such as Honours, Distinctions, Merit, etc. and in omitting a degree subsumed by a higher one from the same institution (for example, BA MA is shown as MA). Qualifications of this University are followed by (ACU). Memberships and fellowships are shown last.

The list also indicates the position held by the person and the campus at which they are located.


OFFICE OF THE DEAN (based at Melbourne Campus - St Patrick’s)


CROSSLEY (Assoc. Prof.) L. Gail Deputy Dean
BSc PhD(Melb) DipEd(SydCAE) MacKillop

NAVARATNAM (Ms) Radishka Faculty Enterprise Officer
BA Mass Communications (Macq) MacKillop

Administrative and Technical Staff

McMAHON (Ms) Jane        Personal Assistant

DOHERTY (Ms) Geraldine Faculty Executive Officer
BA(Swin) GradDip(RMIT)

WOODWARD (Mr) Geoff P.    Faculty Finance Officer



Head of School

FRANZSEN (Dr) William N. Senior Lecturer
BSc(UWA) PhD(Syd) Mt St Mary

Academic Staff

ARUMANAYAGAM, (Dr) Mano Lecturer
BSc(Essex), PhD(CUHK), MPH(Syd) MacKillop

ASAKURA (Ms) Haruko Lecturer
TC, BA DipEd(Sacred Heart,Tokyo), Dip Teach(CathCollEdSyd), MEd(ACU) Mt St Mary

BARLOW (Mr) John L. Lecturer
BSc MCom(UNSW) MAppSc(CSturt) GradDipBus(Riverina-Murray IHE) Mt St Mary

BASTIAN (Assoc. Prof.) Peter E. Associate Professor
BA PhD DipEd(Syd) Mt St Mary

BATTS (Dr) Judith E. Senior Lecturer
BSc(UQ) PhD(Macq) AMusA MacKillop

BICKNELL (Dr) Brian T. Lecturer
BSc(Syd) PhD(UNSW) MacKillop

CAPEWELL (Mr) Bretton R. Lecturer
BSc DipEd(UNSW) MA(Macq) MITE Mt St Mary

CARROLL (Ms) Judith S. Senior Lecturer
TC, DipArtEd(NatArtSchESyd) MArtEd(UNSW) Mt St Mary

DU VERNET (Ms) Louise F. Lecturer
BEd(Syd) MSc(Newcastle) Mt St Mary

FISHER (Dr) John P. Senior Lecturer
TC, BEdArt(AlexanderMackieCAE) DipArtEd(NatArtSchESyd) DipHistArt(Lond) PhD(Syd) Mt St Mary

GRIFFITH (Assoc. Prof.) Michael J. Associate Professor
BA PhD(Syd) Mt St Mary

HIRD (Mr) Lew Senior Lecturer
BA DipEd(Syd) MLitt(UNE) Mt St Mary

MacGIBBON (Dr) Mary F. Lecturer
BSc(Auck) PhD(Syd) MacKillop

MONAMY (Dr) Vaughan Lecturer
BSc(Murd) MSc(Tas) PhD(UNSW) MacKillop

MORONEY (Mrs) Colleen R. Lecturer
RN, MSc(Macq) MCN(NSW) MacKillop

PRENTIS (Assoc. Prof.) Malcolm D. Associate Professor
BA(Syd) MA PhD(Macq) DipTertEd(UNE) FRHistS Mt St Mary

ROBINSON (Dr) Kathy M. Senior Lecturer
BSc PhD(Witw) MacKillop

SAINTILAN (Dr) Neil Senior Lecturer
BSc PhD(Syd) DipBible&Missions(MooreTheologicalColl) MacKillop

SHARP (Assoc. Prof.) Bernice Associate Professor
BA LittB(NE) MSc(Syd) PhD(N'cleNSW) Mt St Mary

SMITH (Dr) Timothy J. Lecturer
BEd(MitchellCAE) MEd(UWS) GradDipEdSt(SydCAE) DipTeach(Lond) Mt St Mary
AdvEurhythmicTeachCert(InstDalcroze) LAGMS PhD(Hamilton)

STOKES (Mr) Anthony R. Lecturer
BA DipEd(NSW) MEc(SocSc)(Hons)(Syd) Mt St Mary

WILSON (Dr) Scott Lecturer
BAppSc(SCU) PhD(UTS) MacKillop

Administrative and Technical Staff

CHEN (Mrs) D. Linh Technical Officer
BAppSc(CSU) PathTechCert(GrnvleTAFE) Mt St Mary

DO (Mr) Van N. Technical Officer
CertFoodTech(SydTechColl) MacKillop

FAM (Mrs) Claudia Administrative Officer

PEARSON (Miss) Joanne S. Technical Officer
BFA(UWS) Dip Textile Design(NZ) Mt St Mary

PHILLIPSON (Mr) Keith Technical Officer
DipTeach(UTS) Lewisham

PROCTOR (Mrs) Catherine Technical Officer
Pathology Technicians Certificate(SydTechCollege) Mt St Mary

RICE (Mrs) Lynne Administrative Officer
Mt St Mary

ROGAN (Mrs) Betty Administrative Assistant
Mt St Mary

TRAN (Mr) Hung Q. Technical Officer
BDS(Saigon) PathTechCert(SydTAFE) MacKillop



Head of School

FARRELL (Dr) Lindsay T. Senior Lecturer
BA(QldCollArt) DipTeach(BrisCAE) MCS(RegentCollBrCol) PhD(Griff) McAuley at Banyo

Academic Staff

ANDERSON (Mrs) Evelyn L. Lecturer
BA MPA(InternatChristianUniTokyo) MBA(UQ) McAuley at Banyo

CHRISTENSEN (Mr) Kerry G. Lecturer
DipTeach(BCAE) BHMS BEdSt(UQ) MEd(QUT) McAuley at Banyo

COOK (Mr) James H. Lecturer
TC, BA DipEd(Tas) BTh(SydCollDiv) MA(Syd) GradCertTESOL(ACU) McAuley at Banyo

FROMYHR (Ms) Judith J. Lecturer
BAMusEd(QldConservMus) BAMus(TasConservMusic) MEd(QUT) McAuley at Banyo

KYNASTON (Dr) Chris Lecturer
BA(Hons)(Leicester) PhD(UQ) McAuley at Banyo

MUNRO (Dr) Greg Lecturer
BA PhD(UQ) McAuley at Banyo

NOLAN (Dr) Marguerite Lecturer
BA(UTas) MA(UQ) PhD(Stirling University, Scotland) McAuley at Banyo

RYAN (Dr) Delyse J. Senior Lecturer
BA(Hons) MA PhD(UQ) McAuley at Banyo

RYAN (Dr) Simon Senior Lecturer
BA(Hons) MA PhD(UQ) McAuley at Banyo

SANDERS (Dr) Tracey A. Lecturer
DipTeach BEd(BCAE) BA MPhil PhD(Griff) McAuley at Banyo

Administrative and Technical Staff


EFFENEY (Mrs) Tina Technical Officer
DipArts(Creative)(USQ) GradDip(Outdoor Ed)(Griff) GradDipFET(USQ) BEd(Griff) McAuley at Banyo

KEATES, (Ms) Lois Administrative Assistant
McAuley at Banyo

RASMUSSEN (Mrs) Cheryl P. Administrative Officer
CertIV(WTA)TAFE ESM MAIES McAuley at Banyo

TELFORD (Mrs) Anna Technical Officer
ATCL LTCL (Effective Speaking) BA McAuley at Banyo



Head of School

HILLEL (Assoc. Prof.) Margot L. Associate Professor
TPTC, BA(LaT) MA(Melb) PhD(Monash) OAM St Patrick's

Academic Staff

COUTTS (Dr) Maryanne Lecturer
BA(FineArt), GradDip(Professional Art Studies), PhD, GradCert (Tertiary Education) Aquinas

COX (Assoc.Prof.) Geoffrey A. Reader
BA BMus(UQ) DPhil(Oxf) ARCO FTCL FRSCM St Patrick's

DAVIDSON (Mr) Steve A. Senior Lecturer
TC, BA(EWash) MEd(WWash) MA(Deakin) Aquinas

EASTMAN (Dr) Moira B. Senior Lecturer
BA DipEd PhD(Monash) St Patrick's

ENSTICE (Dr) Andrew G. Senior Lecturer
MA(Camb) PhD(Exe) DipEd(Melb) St Patrick's

GOME (Dr) S. Dianne Senior Lecturer
BMusEd MMus(Melb) PhD(Tor) St Patrick's

HARRISON (Dr) Craig A. Senior Lecturer
TPTC, DipArt(PhillipIT) BEd(LaT) MEd(LaT) PhD(RMIT) St Patrick's

HEAGNEY (Mr) Roger G. Senior Lecturer
KSG OAM, MMus(Melb) St Patrick's

HILLMAN (Mr) Roger J. Lecturer
BA(Monash) MEd(Deakin) GradDipEd(InstCathEdVic) GradDipMusEd(BallaratUColl) Aquinas

HURLEY (Ms) Laurine F. Lecturer
BSc(Monash) MSc(Melb) MPhil(Monash) St Patrick's

JOHNSON (Ms) Beatrice J. Senior Lecturer
TC, BSc(Mich) MEdAdmin(UNE) MACE Aquinas

KERSHAW (Mr) David M. Lecturer
CertEd(MercerHouseMelb) DipMechEng BAppSc(RMIT) MA(Melb) St Patrick's

LUCACEVICH (Ms) Susan R. Lecturer
BA(Monash) DipEd(MelbCAE) GradDipArts MA(Monash) St Patrick's

MATTÉ (Mr) Gerard Senior Lecturer
TPTC, DipAct(NatInstDramArtSyd) MA(Melb) St Patrick's

RECHTER (Dr) Susan Lecturer
BA(Hons) LaTrobe PhD(LaT) St Patrick's

RILEY (Mr) Graeme J. Field Educator (Pastoral Counselling)
GDipPC(KingsleyCollege, Glenroy) MMin(MelbCollDiv) St Patrick's

SERR (Dr) Klaus Lecturer
BA BSW PhD(LaT) MAASW(Acc) St Patrick's

SHAW (Ms) Patricia Lecturer
BMus(Hons) (Melb) MMus(Melb) St Patrick's

STEWART (Ms) Heather Field Education Officer
BA(WAIT) GradDipEd(WACAE) MSocSc(RMIT) AssocDipYW(Edith Cowan) St Patrick's

SWAIN (Assoc. Prof.) Shurlee L. Reader
DipSocStuds(Melb), BAHons (Melb) PhD(Melb) St Patrick's

THURMAN (Dr) Robert B. Senior Lecturer
TC, BA(Wash) MedTechCert(CentralWash) PhD(Arizona) MASM MAWWA Aquinas

UEBERGANG (Dr) Tanya Lecturer
BSc(Hons) PhD(LaT) St Patrick's

WEBB (Assoc. Prof.) Janeen S. Reader
BA PhD(N'cleNSW) St Patrick's

WEBBER (Assoc. Prof.) Ruth P. Associate Professor
TPTC, BA MEdSt(Monash) BEd(LaT) PhD(Melb) St Patrick's

YAP (Ms) Kaaren E. Lecturer
TPTC, BA MEdSt(Monash) St Patrick's

Administrative and Technical Staff

BIEG (Mr) Chris Audio Visual Support Officer
St Patrick's

BROZEK (Ms) Elida Technical Officer
St Patrick's

HERLIHY (Ms) Sylvia Administrative Officer
St Patrick's

THEODORE (Ms) Keitha Technical Officer



Head of School

McKAY (Assoc. Prof.) Michael F. Associate Professor
TPTC, BA(ANU) MEd PhD(Monash) MAPS St Patrick's

Professor of Psychology

FALLON (Prof.) Barry J. Professor of Psychology
BDiv BA(Hons)(UQ) MA PhD(SUNY at Buffalo) FAPS St Patrick's

Academic Staff

BARLETTA (Dr) John Senior Lecturer
DipTeach(BrisCAE) BEd(ACU) GradDipCouns(BrisCAE) McAuley at Banyo

BOWLES (Dr) Terry Senior Lecturer
Dip.T.(ACU) B.Ed.. G.I.A.E.(Monash) St Patrick's
BA(Melbourne) PGDip(Melbourne) PhD(Melbourne) MAPS

BRAMWELL (Ms) Ann L. Senior Lecturer
GNC, BA GradDipBusStud MLitt(UNE) AIMM MAPS McAuley at Banyo

CUMMINS (Ms) Marian Lecturer
BSc(Sheff) DipPsych(UQ) DipEd(Melb) MAPS St Patrick's

DORISSA (Mr) Arrigo Research Academic
BA(Swinburne) GradDipHealthPsych(LaT) MA(ACU) MAPS St Patrick's

EISEN (Dr) Lisa Lecturer
BA(McGill) MA PhD(Miami) MAPS St Patrick's

FLORY (Dr) Vicky Lecturer
BA(Hons) DPsych(Melb) MAPS St Patrick's

MARKS (Dr) Zita M. Lecturer
BA DipEdPsych MEd(Monash) PhD(Deakin) MAPS St Patrick's

MARX (Dr) Eric Lecturer
BA(Ovachite Baptist) MTS(Harvard) PhD(Georgetown) MAPS McAuley at Banyo

MATSUDA (Dr) Yoshimi Lecturer
BA(Iowa) MEd(Wash) PhD(Melb) MAPA MAPS MJPA St Patrick's

MEIKLE (Ms) Tunde Z. Senior Lecturer
BSc MA(Syd) GradDipEd(SydTeachColl) MAPS Aquinas

OLM (Ms) Tammie
BSc (Hons) Associate Lecturer
McAuley at Banyo

PADDLE (Dr) Robert N. Senior Lecturer
BSc BEd(Melb) MPhil(Lond) PhD(Melb) St Patrick's

RENDELL (Dr) Peter G. Senior Lecturer
BSc DipEdPsych MEd PhD(Monash) MAPS St Patrick's

SHEEHAN (Ms) Anna Associate Lecturer
Bcom(GU) BA (Hons) (UQ) McAuley at Banyo

TERRETT (Dr) Gill Lecturer
MA(Edin) DipEd MAppSc(Glas) PhD(Melb) MAPS St Patrick's

TOLAN (Dr) Anne Lecturer
BAppSc(Hons) PhD(USQ) MAPS McAuley at Banyo

WINKELMAN (Dr) Cecelia Senior Lecturer
BA MA(CalStateLA) PhD(Oregon) GradDipPS(Monash) MAPS St Patrick's

Administrative Staff

HORAN (Ms) Alice (on leave) Administrative Officer
St Patrick's

WHITE (Ms) Julie Field Placement



Head of School

ALLEN-KELLY (Ms) Kandie Lecturer
BSW(UQ) CertFamTher CertInstructSkills(QT) MPhil(ACU) Signadou

Academic Staff

BRYANT (Mrs) Mary Lecturer
BSW(UNSW) MMgt(Comm)(UTS) GradDipAdultEd(UTS) Mt St Mary

CAMILLERI (Assoc. Prof.) Peter J. Associate Professor
BSocStud(Syd) MSc(Surrey) PhD(Flin) Signadou

DAVIS (Ms) Cathy S. Lecturer
BSocStud(Hons)(Syd) Signadou

HOUGH Dr Gary Lecturer
BA (Melb) BSW (LaTrobe) DipEd (LaTrobe) PhD (LaTrobe) Signadou

McARTHUR (Dr) Morag Senior Lecturer
AssocDipWelf(Milperra CAE) BSocSc DipHigherEd PhD(UNSW) Signadou

ZUBRZYCKI (Dr) Joanna Lecturer
BSWHons(UNSW) Signadou

Adjunct Staff

HUMPHRIES (Mr) Peter Honorary Lecturer
BSW(TasCAE) GradDipCommDevelopt(PhilipIT) MSW(RMIT/Melb) Signadou

O'COLLINS (Dr Professor) Maeve Adjunct Professor
BA(Melb) DipSocStud(Syd) MSW DSW MSc(SocWk)(Col NewYork) Signadou

Administrative Staff

PEEL (Mrs) Elizabeth Manager Field Education
BSW(UNSW) GradDipEd(Armidale) Mt St Mary

MADAHAR (Mr) Ramneek Adminstrative Officer BA(HONS)PolSc(Delhi) Mt St Mary

OGILVIE (Ms) Paula Administrative Officer
AssocDipNursEd (Cumberland CHS) Signadou

SCHUH (Ms) Rosanne Manager Field Education
BA BSocAdmin(Flin) Signadou





GIBBONS (Assoc. Prof.) Pamela E. Associate Professor
TC, BA DipEd MEd PhD(Syd) FACS MacKillop

Administrative Staff

CHAMBERS (Ms) Belinda Sub-Faculty Executive Officer
BA(Macq) MacKillop



Head of School

SERUGA (Dr) Jan Senior Lecturer
BComSc(Hons)(LvovPoly) PhD(MoscowState) MACS MacKillop

Professor of Accounting

FLANAGAN (Prof.) Jack Professor of Accounting
BCom(Leeds) MBA(Syd) GradDipPracHE(Surrey) FCPA ACA MacKillop

Academic Staff

BAARD (Dr) Vicki Lecturer
BCom(UPE, South Africa) MBA(OBU, UK) PhD(CUT, South Africa) MacKillop

BELL (Ms) Ralitza Lecturer
BComm(UEconSofia) MBA(UNSW) MacKillop

BROWN (Ms) Janine Lecturer
BA(Hons)(UNSW), GradDip Labour Relations and Law(Syd) MA(Macq) MacKillop

BYRNE (Mr) John D. Lecturer
BE(Syd) MEngSc MBA(UNSW) MacKillop

CHENG (Dr) Chi Pui Lecturer
MSc(StAnd&Lond) PhD(Brad) MACS MacKillop

CHEROUK (Ms) Rabia Lecturer
EngComsCI(Algiers) MScCompSci(GIT Atlanta), MagComSci(Algiers) MacKillop

CHIN (Dr) Kim Lecturer
BMathComSc(Hons)(UNSW) PhD(UTS) MacKillop

COMPTON (Dr) Robert-Leigh Senior Lecturer
BBus(NSWInstTech) MEcon(Syd) LittD(IMC, UK) AFAHRI MacKillop

D'SOUZA (Mr) Christopher V. Associate Lecturer
B.E( Mysore, India) M.E(Allahabad, India) MacKillop

ENRIGHT (Mr) Christopher S. Senior Lecturer
BA(N'cleNSW) BEc LLM(Syd) BSocSc (UNE) MacKillop

GINIGE (Mrs) Tamara Lecturer
BScEng(Moratuwa, Sri Lanka) GradCertHEd MEng(UTS) MacKillop

HUSSIN (Mr) James, J. Lecturer
BS MS(Michigan) MacKillop

KAZLAUSKAS (Mrs) Alanah L. Lecturer
BSc DipEd(Syd) MA(Macq) MacKillop

KRISHNASWAMY (Ms) Girija Lecturer
BScEngg(Kerala, India), MBA(CUSAT, India) MacKillop
MScInfoSysMgmt(HKUST, Hong Kong)

LARKIN (Mrs) Jacqui Lecturer
BA MAppPsych(Macq) MAHRI MAPS MacKillop

MARSHALL (Mr) Al K. W. Lecturer
BA(Hons)(VicNZ) MA(WellNZ) GradDipMktg(UTS) MacKillop

MEAD (Ms) Amanda Lecturer
BSc(Hons)(London) MCom(UNSW) MacKillop

PO (Mr) Peng Lee Lecturer
BACompSci MScCompSci MScEd(SIU, Illinois) MacKillop

STRONG (Ms) Trish Lecturer
BSSc(Hons)(Queens, Belfast) MBA(Curtin) AIMM MacKillop

TAYLOR (Mr) Alan K. Senior Lecturer
BA MUrbSt(Macq) DipEd(MitchellCAE) CPA MacKillop

WATTS (Dr) Ted Lecturer
BA BEd MEdAdmin(NE) MCom(NSW) PhD(UTS) FCPA MacKillop

Administrative and Technical Staff

AUSTIN (Mrs) Alison Technology Officer
AssDipAppSci(Syd) MCSE MCP+1 MCP MacKillop

FISHBURN (Ms) Michelle Administrative Officer

GRAHAM (Mr) Adam Technology Officer
MCP A+CP Mackillop

HAMILTON (Ms) Louyse Field Experience Coordinator

LOWE (Ms) Dale Administrative and Research Officer
BA(Macq) DipSocSc(UNE) MA(UNSW) MEd(UTS) MacKillop




Head of School

HOLLIS (Mr) Charles W. Lecturer
BScMan't(BrighamYoung Hawaii) MBA(N'eastLouisana) McAuley at Banyo

Academic Staff

BUTROUS (Dr) Nasir Senior Lecturer
BSc MBA(Baghdad) PhD(Brad) McAuley at Banyo

CHAN (Mr) Ringo Lecturer
BSc MPhil(Griff) McAuley at Banyo

DAVIS (Mr) Timothy J. Senior Lecturer
BA(Columbia College) MSc(FIT) MACS MACM MIEEE McAuley at Banyo

GRANT (Ms) Jennifer Lecturer
BBus AssocDipMaths&Comp(DarlingDownsInstAdvEd) MInfSys(UQ) McAuley at Banyo

McBARRON (Mrs) Ellen Associate Lecturer
BBus(Hons)(ACU) McAuley at Banyo

O'BRIEN Elizabeth M. Lecturer
BA(UQ) GradDipTeach(Sec)(BrisbaneCAE) MBA(UQ) McAuley at Banyo

PAPADIMOS (Dr) Andrew C. Lecturer
DipChinLang(Zhongshan) PhD(Griff) McAuley at Banyo

STUART (Dr) Helen Lecturer
BSc DipEd(UNE) MA(ANU) PhD(UNE) McAuley at Banyo

YOUNG (Mrs) Robyn Associate Lecturer
BBus(KCAENSW) MEd(UQ) McAuley at Banyo

WYLLIE (Ms) Kate Lecturer
BCom(Newcastle) MBus(QUT) MFM(UQ) McAuley at Banyo

Zhou (Dr) Bingyang Lecturer
BE(XJU China) PhD(QUT) McAuley at Banyo

Administrative Staff

HOWARD (Ms) Marie Administrative Officer
McAuley at Banyo

PARÉS (Mrs) Joan Professional Experience Coordinator
BBus(ACU) McAuley at Banyo



Head of School

O'NEILL (Ms) Marcia Senior Lecturer
BBus(Phillip) MBus(RMIT) FCPA St Patrick's

Academic Staff

CHAN (Dr) Elsie S K Lecturer
BSc(UEA) MSc(AI)(Essex) GradDip(CompEd)(Monash) PhD(Deakin) MACS MHKCS AMIMA St Patrick's

KITJONGTHAWONKUL (Dr) Somkiat Lecturer
BSc, Meng, GradDipAppInfoSys(RMIT) PhD(LaT) St Patrick's

KOBINAH (Mr) Thomas Lecturer
BBus(QUT) MMktgMgt(Hons)(Griff) St Patrick's

MARIAPPANADAR (Dr) Sugumar Senior Lecturer
BA(Psy) MA(App.Psy) PGDipPM&IR PhD(Madras, India) St Patrick's

McCARTHY (Assoc. Prof.) Terence E. Associate Professor
BComm(UQ) MA(Melb) St Patrick's

STEVENS (Mr) Dean Lecturer
BSc(Hons)Transport Management(Aston) St Patrick's
PostGradDipBus(Doncaster College) MEd(University of Nottingham)

THOMAS (Dr) Theda Senior Lecturer
BSc(Hon)(UNISA) HED(UNISA) MSc(UNISA) PhD(Pretoria University) St Patrick's

WARD (Dr) Valda M. Honorary Senior Lecturer
TPTC, BA BEd(Melb) MEdAdmin(Hons) PhD(UNE) DipSocJusSt DipTheolSt(YTU) St Patrick's

Administrative Staff

CARROLL (Ms) Maree Administrative Officer
St Patrick's

WIKENSTEDT (Mr) Johan IT Support Officer
BAppSc(SUT) CEng(DPU) MIT(SUT) St Patrick's



Head of School

OZOLINS (Dr) John T. Senior Lecturer
DipEd MSc PhD(Melb) GDipEdAdmin(Deakin) MACE FHERDSA St Patrick's

Professor of Philosophy

GAITA (Prof.) Raimond G. Professor of Philosophy
MA(Melb) PhD(Leeds) St Patrick's

Academic Staff

BUCKLE (Dr) Stephen Senior Lecturer
BA(Syd) MA(Macq) PhD(ANU) Mt St Mary

COGHLAN (Mr) Peter E. Senior Lecturer
BA(Melb) MEd(Monash) St Patrick's

DRUM (Dr) Peter F. Lecturer
MA PhD(Melb) St Patrick's

GLEESON (Dr) Andrew H. Lecturer
BA(Adel) PhD(ANU) McAuley at Banyo

QUILTER (Mr) John G. LecturerBA(Syd) MA(Pitt) Mt St Mary

TOBIN (Assoc. Prof.) Bernadette M. Reader and Director
MA MEd(Melb) PhD(Cantab) Plunkett Centre for Ethics
St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

Administrative Staff

Ms Susanne Dick Administrative Officer - St Patrick's



Head of School

McArdle (Mr) Patrick Lecturer
BTheol(SydCollDiv) STL(CathInstSyd) GradDipEd(SAust) MEd(ACU) Signadou

Academic Staff

CANNING (Assoc. Prof.) Raymond Associate Professor
LicPh STB(Greg) PhD STD(Leuven) Signadou

Hide (Dr) Kerrie M.
DipTeach(BendigoTeachColl) GradDipRelStud(McAuleyCollQld) GradDipDiv(SydneyCollDiv) MA (Fordham) PhD(ACU)

SHEATHER (Dr) Mary C. Lecturer
BA(UQ) DipEd(CanberraCAE) MA(UNE) PhD(ANU) Signadou

Administrative Staff




Head of School

Academic Staff

COLLINS (Dr) Antoinette Lecturer
DipTeach(AlexanderMackieTeachColl) BA MA(Syd) MLitt(Oxf) PhD(Syd) Mt St Mary

GASCOIGNE (Assoc. Prof.) Robert Associate Professor
BA(Syd) DTheol(MelbCollDiv) DPhil(Oxf) Mt St Mary

GOOSEN (Assoc. Prof.) Gideon C. Associate Professor
TC, BA(SAfr) BRSc STD(PontifLateran) PhD(Natal) Mt St Mary

ROSIER (Dr) Veronica A. OP Lecturer
MA DipEd(Monash) MEd(RelEd)(BostonColl) BTheol(SydCollDiv) PhD(CUA) Mt St Mary

TOMLINSON (Sr) Margaret M. RSJ Lecturer
BA(UQ) DipTeach(CathTeachCollSyd) DipTheol(SydTheolInst) Mt St Mary

WOODS (Dr) Laurence E. Senior Lecturer
BA(UQ) MA(Macq) PhD(Manc) DipEd(UNE) Mt St Mary

Administrative Staff

NGUYEN (Ms) Truc Doan Administrative Officer
Mt St Mary



Head of School

HALL (Rev. Dr) Gerard SM Senior Lecturer
BA(Macq) MA PhD(CUA) McAuley at Banyo

Academic Staff

CASEY (Dr) Damien Lecturer
BTh(SCD) PhD(Syd) McAuley at Banyo

COLOE (Dr) Mary PBVM Senior Lecturer
TPTC, BA(Monash) DTheol(MelbCollDiv) McAuley at Banyo

KOSZARYCZ (Mr) Yuri J. Senior Lecturer
BPh BD(Rome) DipEd(UNE) MTheol(Innsbruck) GradCertEd(UQ) McAuley at Banyo

MOSS (Dr) Alan J. CFC Lecturer
BA DipEd(Syd) LRSc(PontifLateran) STL(Greg) LSS(PontifBibilicalComm) PhD(UQ) McAuley at Banyo

TUOHY (Dr) Anne P. Lecturer
BTh DipEd(Well) MTh(SydCollDiv) PhD(ACU) McAuley at Banyo

Administrative Staff

WILKINSON (Ms) Fran M. Administrative Officer
McAuley at Banyo



Head of School (Acting)

WADE (Dr) Richard M. Senior Lecturer
BEd(Belf) STB MA(Greg) MTh(Lond) DTheol(MelbCollDiv) Aquinas

Academic Staff

BAKER (Dr) Frances RSM Lecturer
DipEd BA BEd(Melb) BTheol(MelbCollDiv) STL STD(Greg) St Patrick's

CHAPPELL (Sr) Margaret V. RSM Lecturer
DipTeach BEd(InstCathEd,Vic) BTheol MTheol(MelbCollDiv) St Patrick's

CROSS (Rev. Dr) B. J. Lawrence Senior Lecturer
BA(Syd) MA(Oxf) DTheol(MelbCollDiv) St Patrick's

HORNER (Dr) Robyn Lecturer
BA DipEd(Melb) BTheol(Hons)(MCD) PhD GradCertHigherEd(Monash) St Patrick's

KELTY (Dr) Brian J. Lecturer
DipRE(NatPastoralInstMelb) MA PhD(Fordham) St Patrick's

LAWSON (Dr) Veronica RSM Senior Lecturer
TPTC, BA(Melb) MA(San Francisco) PhD(Dubl) Aquinas

McLAREN (Dr) James S. Senior Lecturer
MA(Melb) DPhil(Oxf) St Patrick's

SIM (Dr) David C. Senior Lecturer
MA(LaT) PhD(London) St Patrick's

Administrative Staff

Blakeney (Ms) Margaret