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Clinical Nursing, Graduate Certificate in


Clinical Nursing, Graduate Diploma in


Master of Clinical Nursing
(Specialisations in Clinical Nursing, Aged Care, Critical Care, Cardiothorasic, Child and Adolescent Health, Emergency, Medical-Surgical, Palliative Care, Perioperative)


Exercise Science, Bachelor of


Exercise Science, (Honours), Bachelor of


Exercise Science (Research), Master of


Midwifery, Bachelor of


Midwifery, Graduate Diploma in


Midwifery, Master of


Nursing, Bachelor of


Nursing (Honours), Bachelor of


Nursing (Research), Master of

Nursing (Clinical Education), Master of  

Nursing Leadership (Coursework), Master of


Nursing Practice (Coursework), Master of


Philosophy, Doctor of


Philosophy, Master of


Dual Degrees


Nursing (ACU)/Applied Health Science (Idigenous Primary Health Care) (UQ), Bachelors of


Nursing - Arts, Bachelors of