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Faculty Staff

The lists show family name first, then (in brackets) the title for correspondence followed by other names or initials. Abbreviations of religious orders and institutions are shown in small capitals. Next, honours and decorations, and professional abbreviations such as TC, TPC, TSTC (to indicate a teaching qualification), RN, etc (for registered nurses) and various nursing certificates, ending with a comma.

Then come awards from universities, colleges of advanced education, etc with the name of the institution (usually abbreviated) in brackets. In general, the University uses the abbreviation preferred by the Association of Commonwealth Universities, and also follows the Association’s practice in not printing gradations such as Honours, Distinctions, Merit, etc. and in omitting a degree subsumed by a higher one from the same institution (eg BA MA is shown as MA). Qualifications of this University are followed by (ACU). Memberships and fellowships are shown last.


OFFICE OF THE DEAN (based at MacKillop Campus)

CAMERON-TRAUB (Prof) Elizabeth     Dean
RN ICCCert, BA PhD(Flin) GradDipN[Ed](ArmidaleCAE) MAPS FCN(NSW) FRCNA

SAUNDERS (Assoc.Prof.) John E.     Deputy Dean
CertEd(Nott) MA(Oxf&Leeds) PhD(Qld) MBA(Hull) DipPE(Lough) MACE FACHPER    St Patrick’s

SAHLANI (Mr) Raymond      Finance Manager

BRODERICK (Mrs) Margarita    Executive Officer

VACANT    Administrative Officer

TAYLOR (Mr) Kevin    Administrative Officer


Head of School

WIEBE (Mr) Peter N.           Lecturer
TC, BEd(VicBC) MSc(Alta)    MacKillop

Children’s Hospital Westmead

NAUGHTON (Assoc. Prof.) Geraldine    Associate Professor
BAppSci(FitzroyIT) BEd(PrimarySCVToorak) MAppSci PhD(VU) MNSPEM MASSO MACHPER MANF ChildSport&ExSc

Administrative Staff

ATAYAN (Ms) Barbara     Administrative Officer - MacKillop

LEUNG (Mrs) Christine    Administrative Assistant - MacKillop

Technical Staff

CAHILL (Mr) Patrick J.    Technical Officer - MacKillop

Academic Staff

BURGESS (Mr) Darren      Assoc. Lecturer
BSpSc(UNSW) MScExSc(UNSW)    MacKillop

BURKE (Dr) Stephen T.    Lecturer
BEd(CathCollEdSyd) MEd(Syd) PhD(UNSW)    MacKillop

CURRIE (Dr) Janet L.  Senior Lecturer
TC, BEd(PE)(Kuring-gaiCAE) MEd(Syd) BHlthSc(ECowan) PhD(UNSW)        MacKillop

FISCHER (Dr) Imke           Senior Lecturer
BSocSc(PE)(FootscrayInstTech) DipEd BEd(GippslandInstAdvEd) MEd(UNE) MACE, FISM, PhD(Syd) MacKillop  

IMMINK (Dr) Maarten Lecturer
BA MSc PhD(TexasA&MUSA) MacKillop

MATUSZEK (Dr) Maria     Lecturer
BSc(MonashVic) MSc(SydneyNSW) PhD(MonashVic)    MacKillop

McBRIDE (Dr) Margaret Lecturer
BA BPHE(Queen’sCanada) MSc(UBC Canada) PhD(UWA)    MacKillop

O’SHEA (Mrs) Judith L. Lecturer
DipTeach(CathCollEdSyd) BEd(Deakin) MA(Alta)    MacKillop


Head of School

LEIGH (Dr) M. Cynthia      Senior Lecturer
RN, BSc(Philippines) GradDipAppSc(SydCAE) PhD(UNSW) MRCNA    MacKillop

Administrative Staff

HOWES Louise (Ms)         Clinical Administrator - MacKillop

STEVENS (Mr) James    Administrative Officer - MacKillop

Technical Staff

BARCA (Mr) Richard Technical Officer
RN, BN(ACU)    MacKillop

Academic Staff

CASEY (Mrs) June W. Lecturer
RN CM, BSc(Macq) DipNurseEd(ArmidaleCAE) MMidwifery(UWS) MCN(NSW)    MacKillop

COULON (Assoc. Prof.) Lynette A.    Associate Professor
RN, BA(NSWInstTech) MHPEd(UNSW) DipNurseEd(CumberlandCollHlthSc) PhD(Syd)    MacKillop

EVANS (Mrs) Jennifer Lecturer
RN MRN RPN, BHS(CSturt) AssocDipArts(MitchellCAE) MNS(Flinders)    MacKillop

FROTJOLD (Ms) Astrid    Lecturer
RN, BA(Macq) MNS(Deakin)    MacKillop

GALLAGHER (Mrs) Susan K.    Senior Lecturer
RN MRN RPN, BEd DipTeach(ArmidaleCAE) MA(Macq) MRCNA    MacKillop

GUY (Ms) Jacqueline    Lecturer

HARDY (Ms) Jennifer L. Senior Lecturer
RN CM, BSc(Macq) MHPEd(UNSW) DipTeachN(CumberlandCollHlthSc)    MacKillop

LENEGHAN (Ms) Margaret Lecturer
RN RPN, BA(NE) DipTeach(SydCAE) MN(UTS)    MacKillop

RUTHERFORD (Ms) Elaine L.    Lecturer
RN, BA(Macq) GradDipNurs(ArmidaleCAE) MA(Macq) MCN(NSW)    MacKillop

TOLLEY (Mr) Neal F.   Lecturer
RN RPN, MBioethics(UTS) DipTeach(CumberlandCollHlthSc) BLegSt(Macq)    MacKillop


Head of School

DAVIES (Assoc.Prof.) Elizabeth A.    Associate Professor
RN, BSc(Griff) DipAppSc(QldIT) MEd PhD(Qld) FRCNA McAuley

Administrative Staff

GREAVES, (Ms) Susan T.  Clinical Administrator - McAuley

TIMMS (Ms) Leah C.    Administrative Officer - McAuley

KELLNER (Ms) Susan V.    Administrative Assistant - McAuley

Technical Staff

SKELTON (Mr) Keith P. Technical Officer
RN, BSc(Griff) GradDipHlthSc(QUT)      McAuley

SYMONS (Mrs) Anne M.     Technical Officer
RN, BHlthSc[Nurs)(SCU) CertIVAssessor&WorkplaceTraining  McAuley

Academic Staff

AUSTIN (Ms) Maureen J.    Assoc. Lecturer
RN, BN(ACU) MSocSc[Hlth Prac](Qld) FRCNA McAuley

BEATTIE (Dr) Heather J.           Lecturer
RN, DipAppSc(QUT) BN(ACU) MEd(QUT) EdD(ACU)         McAuley

BOGOSSIAN (Ms) Fiona E.    Senior Lecturer
RN RM, BAppSc(QUT) MPH(Griff) FRCNA McAuley

FISHER (Ms) Robin P. Lecturer
CalifTeachCred, BA(SanFranciscoState) GradDipPsych(Wollongong) MEd(ACU)    McAuley

GIBB (Mrs) Winna C. Lecturer
RN, DipAppSc(QIT) BAppSc MA(Research) (QUT)  McAuley

KELLY (Ms) Jennifer M.    Lecturer
RN RM, DipAppSc(QIT) BN(QUT) MEd(ACU)    McAuley

KING (Mr) B. Brian          Senior Lecturer
RN, BA GradDipPsych MSocSc(Qld) MNA(UNSW) FCN(NSW) FRCNA McAuley

KU (Ms) Marie I-Kwang Lecturer
RN RM, BAppSc(LincolnInstHlthSc) GradDipGeront(LaT) MEdSt(Monash) MRCNA    McAuley

LARKIN Brother Benildus fsc
RN RM RMHN, DipTeach(CathCollEdSyd) BEd(ArmidaleCAE) MEdAdmin(UNSW) GradDipAppSc(SydneyCAE) MScN(Wollongong) GradDipMentalHlthN(Griff) MACE   MMTA FCN(NSW) FRCNA      McAuley

MASON (Dr) Karen A.           Lecturer
RN EM, DipAppSc(QIT) BHealthSc(UCCQ) MClinEd(UNSW) PhD(Griff) FRCNA McAuley

MILES (Ms) Sandra J.           Lecturer
RN RM, MN(QUT)         McAuley

NEBAUER (Mrs) Monica L.  Senior Lecturer
RN RM, DipAppScNsgEd(QIT) BAppSc(QIT) MPhil(Griff) FRCNA McAuley

NIZETTE (Ms) Debra E. Lecturer

OSBORNE (Ms) Yvonne T.           Lecturer
RN RM, DipAppSc BAppSc MEd(QUT) FRCNA         McAuley

SABA (Mrs) Serita A.           Lecturer
RN RM, DipNEd(RCNA) DipAppSc[NAdmin](QIT) BA(Qld) MHA(UNSW) FCN(NSW)    Assoc. Fellow AAQHC       McAuley 

SCHULZ (Ms) Paula M. Lecturer
RN, BA BAppSc MPsych(USQ) MAPS McAuley

TUCKETT (Mr) Anthony Lecturer
RN, DipAppSc(AustMaritimeColl) BN(ACU) GradDipPhil(Qld) MA(QUT)    McAuley

WILLIAMS (Mrs) Laurelle F.    Assoc. Lecturer
RN RM, ChildHealthCert BappScCommNurs BAppSc(QIT) BA MSPD(Qld)    FACM FRCNA     McAuley



Head of School

MASCHETTE (Dr) Wayne    Senior Lecturer
BPE(Calg) MSc PhD(Oregon)    St Patrick’s


Administrative Staff
PELLEGRINI (Ms) Vera    Administrative Officer      St Patrick’s


Academic Staff

ALLEN-CRAIG (Ms) Sandy    Lecturer
BEd(VicCollMelb) MEd(Monash)    St Patrick’s

CALLERY (Dr) Paul J.        Senior Lecturer
TSTC, DipPE(Melb) BEc(Monash) BA(CaulfieldIT) PhD(VUT)         St Patrick’s

KEMP (Mr) Justin     Lecturer
BEd(Deakin) MSc(QueensCanada)     St Patrick’s

LYTHGO (Mr) Noel D.  Lecturer
BEd(Rusden) GradDipEx&SportSc MAppSc(VUT)    St Patrick’s

SANDS (Dr) Rob    Lecturer
BPE MA(Alberta) BSc(Psych-Hons)(Deakin) PhD(Monash)     St Patrick’s

SAUNDERS (Assoc.Prof.) John E. Associate Professor    
CertEd(Nott) MA(Oxf&Leeds) PhD(Qld) MBA(Hull) DipPE(Lough) MACE FACHPER    St Patrick’s



Head of School

MILLER (Ms) R. Maria         Senior Lecturer
RN RM, BAppSc(PhillipIT) Grad.Dip(CommHlth)(PhillipIT)    MEdSt(Monash)     St Patrick’s, Aquinas                                       

Administrative Staff

FEIST (Ms) Jenny       Clinical Administrator      St Patrick’s        

SCAFFIDI (Ms) Maria    Administrative Officer      St Patrick’s

CLARK (Ms) Sharyn    Administrative Officer      Aquinas

CASSAR (Mrs) Margaret    Administrative Assistant      St Patrick’s


Technical Staff

JONES (Mrs) Katherine    Technical Officer
AdvCertLabTech(SchMinds&Industry)  Aquinas

VAUGHAN (Ms) Davina Technical Officer
RN, BAppSci(VUT) St Patrick’s


Academic Staff

BARDWELL (Mr) Murray J.           Lecturer
RN RPN, DipAppSc(BallaratCAE) BN(Deakin) MNSt(Flin)    Aquinas

BAYLEY (Mrs) Coral      Lecturer
RN, CertORNsg BAppSc(LaT) GradDipAdvNsg(CritCare)(LaT) MNSt(Deakin)  St Patrick’s

CAMPBELL (Ms) Michelle Lecturer
RN, BAppSc(LincolnInstHlthSc) MNSt(LaT) FRCNA       St Patrick’s

GROOME (Mr) Michael J.           Lecturer
RN RPN, BA(Swinburne) MSc(Melb) MAPS MRCNA    St Patrick’s

KAPNOULLAS (Ms) Jacqueline           Lecturer
RN, BAppSc MNSt(LaT) CertPeriopNsg(QVMC)          St Patrick’s

LETT (Dr) Margaret A.           Lecturer
RN, BAppSc MNSt DN(LaT)      St Patrick’s

McGUINNESS (Mrs) Betty S.           Lecturer
RN RM, BEd(UNE) MN(Flin) FACM Aquinas

MANTERFIELD (Mrs) Catherine    Lecturer
RN, BN MNSt(Deakin)    Aquinas

PERRY (Mr) Joseph Lecturer
RN, GradDipCritCare(VU), MHS Nursing (VU) St Patrick

RAYNER (Ms) Gabrielle C.              Assoc. Lecturer
RN RM, DipNEd(LincolnInstHlthSc) BN(Ballarat)    Aquinas

ROLLS (Ms) Colleen  Lecturer
RN RM ChildHealthCert BappSc(AdvNurs) GradDipChildDev, MEdSt(Monash)    St Patrick

SEIBOLD (Dr) Carmel        Senior Lecturer
RN RM, DipNEd(CollNursAust) BA MAppSc PhD(LaT)          St Patrick’s

SIMPSON (Ms) Sandra E. Lecturer
RN, DipAppSc MEd(LaT)         St Patrick’s

STRUHS (Mr) John H.   Senior Lecturer
RN, BAppSc(PhillipIT) GradDipEdAdmin(InstCathEdVic) MN(Flin) CertICU,  FRCNA     Aquinas 

TAYLOR (Mr) J. Richard  Lecturer
RN RPN, CommMentalHlthCert BEd(LaT) MEd(LaT)         St Patrick’s