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Fee Paying Courses Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS)
Postgraduate Education Loans Scheme (PELS) Student Services Fee (SSF)

Fee Paying Courses

A number of courses are available on a fee-paying basis. If there are insufficient places in some HECS-liable master's courses additional fee-paying places may be available. Any special grounds for consideration in the allocation of postgraduate HECS-liable places should be addressed by the applicant in writing to the Head of School responsible for the course.

Details of fees are available from the Student Fees Section (E-mail:

Information about fees for international students is available from the International Education Office (E-mail:

Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS)
Students who are enrolled in the University and allocated a HECS-funded place are required by the Australian Government to contribute to the cost of their higher education through the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS). The charges for 2003 are:
Band 1: $3,680
Band 2: $5,242
Band 3: $6,136
Pre-1997 rate: $2,764

Current information is found in the HECS booklet provided with enrolment packages.

Where undergraduate courses are HECS liable, additional places may be available on a fee-paying basis.

Postgraduate Education Loans Scheme (PELS)
Students may apply for PELS if they enrol in a postgraduate fee-paying non-research course and if they meet one of the following criteria:
1. Australian citizen; OR
2. hold an Australian permanent visa and meet eligibility requirements.

Students may borrow up to the full amount of the tuition fee charged for the duration of their postgraduate course.

Current information is found in the PELS booklet provided with enrolment packages.

Details of fees are available from the Student Fees Office (E-mail:

Student Services Fee (SSF)
All students are levied for provision of support services and amenities. Part of this fee is remitted to the relevant Student Representative Council to support its activities. The fees for 2003 inclusive of GST, are:

Full-time $155.00 per semester
Part-time $115.00 per semester
Off-campus $ 45.00 per semester

Fees are levied and payable on a semester basis and are due on 17 January for continuing students and 21 February for new students for first semester and all students on 18 July for second semester. For students who pay tuition fees (both domestic and international) the SSF is included in the fee.