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The lists show family name first, then other names or initials. Abbreviations of religious orders and institutions are shown in small capitals. Next, honours and decorations, and professional abbreviations such as TC, TPC, TSTC (to indicate a teaching qualification), RN, etc (for registered nurses) and various nursing certificates, ending with a comma.

Then come awards from universities, colleges of advanced education, etc with the name of the institution (usually abbreviated) in brackets. In general, the University uses the abbreviation preferred by the Association of Commonwealth Universities, and also follows the Association’s practice in not printing gradations such as Honours, Distinctions, Merit, etc and in omitting a degree subsumed by a higher one from the same institution (e.g. BA MA is shown as MA). Qualifications of this University are followed by (ACU). Memberships and fellowships are shown last.

OFFICE OF THE DEAN (based at St Patrick’s Campus)

CHAPMAN (Prof) Judith D. AM             Dean

BA DipEd(Melb) BEd(LaT) EdD(Nth Colorado)   FACE FACEA FWAIEA

KAMINSKI (Dr) Eugene    Deputy Dean

DipTeach BEd(KelvinGroveTeachColl)

MEd(BrisbaneCAE) PhD(QUT) MACE

TOOMEY (Dr) Ron         Adjunct Professor

BA (Melbourne) BEd(LaT) MEd(Melbourne) PhD (Monash)

GENERIS (Ms) Mas      Research, International & Quality Officer


JEFFERY (Ms) Cecille  Executive Officer

BEd(MelbStateColl) PGDipEdStuds (Melb)                   

SHEPHERD (Ms) Donna     Finance Manager


WILLIAMS (Ms) Irene     Executive Assistant to the Dean

BGeom(Melb) BEnvSc(Melb)

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (Australian Capital Territory, Signadou Campus)

Head of School

MCLOUGHLIN (Assoc.Prof.) Catherine E Assoc Professor

BA GradDipEd(NUI) MA MEd DipLing (Dublin) PhD(ECowan) MACE

Academic Staff

BROADBENT (Dr) Carolyn    Lecturer

TPTC DipTeach BEd MEd(LaT) PhD(Tas) MACE

FAULKNER (Ms) Val G.       Lecturer

DipT(MtLawley) BEd(MtLawleyCAE) BA(Murd)

MEd(Murd) MACE                  

ROBSON (Ms) Joan M.      Senior Lecturer

BSc DipEd(Melb) MDistEd(Deakin)    

ROUTCLIFFE (Dr) Peter   Senior Lecturer

BSc(UNSW) DipEd(Syd) PhD(ANU)


USTICK (Dr) Neill R.             Lecturer

BSc DipEd(Melb) MA(Macq) EdD(Deakin) MACE

Technical and Administrative Staff

GRADY (Ms) Estelle    Administrative Officer

JORGENSEN Fiona            Field Experience Officer

BACommSocServices(Riverina CAE)

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (New South Wales, Mount Saint Mary Campus)

Head of School

BUTCHER (Assoc. Prof.) P. Jude CFC    Associate Professor

TC, MA PhD(Macq)          

Academic Staff

BECK (Ms) Margie H.     Lecturer

BEd DipTeach(CathCollEdSyd) MEd(ACU) DipLib(Syd)         

CAVANAGH (Dr) Patrick   Lecturer

BA DipEd(Syd) DipMulticulEd(Armidale) PhD(Macq)

CHESTERTON (Assoc. Prof.) Paul     Associate Professor

TC MEc DipEd(Syd) MA PhD(Macq) FIAIR                    

CLARK (Dr) Julie M.               Senior Lecturer

TC, BSc DipEd(Syd) MEd(UNSW) DipEdSt(SydCAE) PhD(UTS)          

CRANITCH (Ms) Maya     Lecturer

MA(Syd) DipEd(UNE) GradDipED(SAust) MEd TESOL(SAus)     

CREALY (Mr) Paul C.       Senior Lecturer

TC, BSc MEd(UNSW) DipEnvStud(Macq) DipPE(SydTeachColl)                      

CUSACK (Dr) Stan M.  cfc    Lecturer

BA(Qld) BSocSc MEdAdmin(UNE) CertTESOL(ACU)


DENNIS (Ms) Christine    Senior Lecturer

MHPEd(UNSW) GradDipAppSc(CumberlandCollHlthSc)                     

GradDipRelSt(CathCollEdSyd) DipNursEd(ArmidaleCAE)

DICKINSON (Dr) Valda   rsm     Principal Lecturer

TC, BA PhD(Macq)  MACE  MAPS   

DWYER (Sr) Kathleen osu     Lecturer

BA(ANU) BEd MLitt(UNE) MEd(Canberra CAE)                   

EKSA (Sr) Helena V. sgs   Lecturer

BA MEd(Syd) MLitt(UNE) DipEd(SydTeachColl) DipTheol(SydTheolInst)                 

ELLIOT (Ms) Jacqueline     Lecturer

TC, BA(UTS) MPH(Syd) RN OTCert DipNursEd(CumberlandCollHlthSc) FRCNA               

FINLAY (Mr) D. Robert   Lecturer

TC, BA MEd(SAfr) BEd(Natal) MAPS                 

GRANT (Dr) Mary          Senior Lecturer

MA MEd (Syd) PhD(Macq) MAPS                 

HANCOCK (Dr) Peter M   cfc     Senior Lecturer

MA(Syd) MEd(UNE) EdD(Col)             

HARRIS (Ms) Joanne   Lecturer

BMusEd MEd(Man&HRD)

HILL (Ms) Vivienne Lecturer

TC, DipT(NZ) CertResourceT(Kuring-gai CAE) MA(Macq)

HOWARD (Dr) Peter T.      Senior Lecturer

TC, BA(Macq) MEd(UWS) MEd(Hons)(UWS)


GradDipEd(GoulbCAE) PhD(UWS) MACE

JOHNSTON (Dr) Kristin   rsj     Senior Lecturer

TC, BA(MitchellCAE) PhD(Macq)

KENNEDY (Ms) Jillian A. Lecturer

TC, BA(Macq) MEd(UNE)

LABONE (Dr) Elizabeth Lecturer

BEd(CanbCAE) MEd(Syd) PhD(Syd)

LEWIS (Mr) Edward J. Lecturer

TC, BEd(Deakin) GradDip(NepeanCAE)

    DipTeach(Kuring-gaiCAE) MEd(UWS)

LONG (Dr) Janette A.  Senior Lecturer

TC, DipTeach(GoodSamaritanTeachColl)

BA(Macq) MEdAdmin(UNE) MA(Macq)

GradDipEdAdmin(CathCollEdSyd) PhD(Macq)

MAGUIRE (Dr) J. Martin        Senior Lecturer

TC, BEcon(Qld) GradDipCompEd(BrisbaneCAE)


MARTIN (Ms) Joyce     Lecturer

BA(Conn) MSc(ConnState) MA(Macq)


MATEJKA (Mr) Des        Lecturer

TC, BA DipEd(Macq) MEd(UNSW)

McDONALD (Dr) Lorraine E. Senior Lecturer

BA(Macq) MEd(UNSW) PhD(Syd)

MOORE (Mr) David     Lecturer


MORAN (Mrs) Wendy  Lecturer

BmusEd(SydCon) MEd(ACU)

NICHOLSON (Ms) Marea    Senior Lecturer

TC, BA(Macq) MA(Syd) DipTeach(N’cleCAE)


NOBLE (Dr) Toni     Senior Lecturer

BA DipEd(UNSW) MEd(Monash) PhD(Syd) MAPS RegPsych(NSW)

O'DAY (Ms) Alison   Lecturer

BAppSc(UWS) GradDipEd(CSU) MEd(ACU)         

QUINLAN (Dr) Cyril R.   fms     Senior Lecturer

TC, BA(Syd) BSc(London) MSc(Macq)

DipTheol(CathInstSyd) PhD(Tas)

SANBER (Dr) Shukri R.    Senior Lecturer

MA DipTeach(Jordan) BA(Punj)

GradDipUrbanPlan(Lond) PhD(C’nell)

SEYMOUR (Mr) Ken J.    Lecturer

BPE DipEdAdmin(Calg) MA(MichState)


TAYLOR (Mr) Peter           Senior Lecturer

TC, BA(Syd) MA(KensingtonUnivGlendaleCalif)

THORPE (Mr) Thomas M. H.    Senior Lecturer

TC, BA PGCE(Nott) MEd(Syd)

WALSH (Dr) Maureen P. Senior Lecturer

BA(N’Castle) MA[Hons] (M’chester) DipEd(MitchellCAE)

GradDipReading Ed(Kuring-gai CAE) PhD(Syd)

WHITE (Dr) Paul    Senior Lecturer

MA(Syd) DipEd(SydTeachColl) PhD(Macq)

WOOLFORD (Dr) James A.    Senior Lecturer

BEd DipTheol(Exe) BA(CNAA)

DipSocSc(EnfCollTechLond) MPhil(Bradford)



Technical and Administrative Staff

AVERY (Ms) Maxine          Field Experience Officer

BECK (Ms) Jennie    Administrative Officer

BRATTONI (Ms) Marisa    Administrative Assistant

MATHIEU (Ms) Gem    Administrative Officer

NETTLE (Dr) Ted    Research Assistant

BA DipEd(Syd) MA(Macq) PhD(UNSW)

SOLOMON (Ms) Joy     Laboratory Assistant

ROOKE (Ms) Alison  Executive Officer


WHISKER (Ms) Sue                Field Experience Officer

WOSIK (Mr) John    Administrative Officer

YASSA, (Ms) Therese    Administrative Officer


SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (Queensland, McAuley Campus)

Head of School

WARREN (Dr) Elizabeth A.    Senior Lecturer

BSc BA DipEd(Qld) MEd PhD(QUT)

Academic Staff

BINGHAM (Mr) Robert   Lecturer

TC(KGTC) DipPhysEd BEdSt MHMS(Qld)       

CONWAY (Mr) Paul A.       Senior Lecturer

BEd(BrisbaneCAE) MEd(UNE) Cert TESOL        

DORING (Assoc. Prof.) Allan J.    Associate Professor

BA MEd GradDipTertEd(UNE)



DORMAN (Dr) Jeffrey P.   Senior Lecturer

BAppSc(QUT) BEdSt  BA(Qld) MEd(Deakin)

GradDipRE(SAustCAE) PhD(Curtin)

ENDICOTT (Ms) Michele A.    Lecturer

BA DipEd(Qld) MA(Griff)

FOSTER (Mr) William J.   Senior Lecturer

TC(KGTC) BEd DipPsych(Qld) MEd(Pitt) MAPS

HANIFIN (Dr) Pamela   Lecturer

DipTeach (KedronPark TeacColl)

BEd (McAuleyColl) MEd EdD(ACU)

HANSEN (Dr) Paul J.    Lecturer

MEdAdmin(Deakin) LittB(UNE) BA(ANU)

GradDipRE(BrisbaneCAE) DipEd(Qld)


HARRIS (Mr) D. Evan      Lecturer

tc, GradDipEdAdmin(BrisbaneCAE)


DipPhil(CathCollEdSyd) MEd(QUT) ACCE Associate

KENNEDY (Ms) Joy         Lecturer

tc(KPTC) CertTeachLib(KelvinGroveCAE)


BEd(CathCollEdSyd) MEd(ACU)

MULHOLLAND (Dr) Judith A.    Senior Lecturer

BSc BEdSt(Qld) MSc PhD(Curtin)

ODGERS (Dr) Barbara M.    Lecturer

BSc BEdSt PhD(Qld)

O’NEILL (Ms) Hana    Associate Lecturer

tc(Auckland) BEd(NTerritory) MEdStudies(SAust) MEd(ACU)

YOUNG (Ms) Janelle P. Lecturer

tc, DipTeach BEd(BrisbaneCAE) MEd(Qld)

Technical and Administrative Staff

FADIAN (Ms) Patricia E.    Executive Officer

GRAHAM (Ms) Donna    Administrative Officer

KENNY (Mrs) Sylvia    Administrative Officer

ROBINS (Ms) Katarina A.    Laboratory Assistant

BSc(Edin) GradDipEd(QUT)

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (Victoria, St Patrick’s and Aquinas Campuses)

Head of School

SMITH, (Dr) Kenneth H. Senior Lecturer

BA(SantaClara) MA(St Mary’s Texas) St Patrick's

MEd(Melb) PhD(Melb) MAPS

Academic Staff

CALLERY (Ms) Catherine F.    Lecturer

TPTC, GradDipTeach(InstCathEdVic)    St Patrick’s

BEd(StateCollVic) MEd(ACU)

CARTER (Ms) Lynette C.    Lecturer

BSc MEdSt(Monash)    St Patrick's

CARTWRIGHT (Dr) Patricia    Lecturer

DipT BEd(StateCollVicFrankston)    Aquinas

BA MEd(Deakin) PhD(Ballarat)

CLARKE (Assoc. Prof.) Doug M.    Associate Professor

BSc DipEd MEdSt(Monash) PhD(Wisconsin)    St Patrick's

CLARKSON (Assoc. Prof.) Philip C.    Associate Professor

BSc DipEd(Monash) BEd(LaT)          St Patrick’s

MEd(Melb) PhD(Qld)

CULLEN (Ms) Dianne M.    Lecturer

CTE, DipTeach GradDipMulticultSt(InstCathEdVic)    St Patrick’s


DAVEY (Ms) Glenis E.    Senior Lecturer

TPTC, BA(Monash) MEd(Melb)       St Patrick's

DAWSON (Ms) Anne-Maree    Lecturer

DipTeach BEd(InstCathEdVic) MEd(Monash)    St Patrick's

DEUTSCHER (Sr) Caroline A.   IBVM     Lecturer

TITC TPTC, DipTeach(InstCathEdVic) Aquinas


ELLIGATE (Mr) John       Lecturer

TPETC(MelbTC) DipPhy.Ed(Melb) BEd(LaT)          St Patrick's

MEdSt (Monash)

FORD (Ms) Patricia M.    Lecturer

TPTC TSTC, MEd(Melb)       St Patrick's

GERVASONI (Ms) Ann    Lecturer

DipTeach(InstCathEdVic) BEd(BallaratCAE)    Aquinas


GORDON (Mr) Blake M.    Senior Lecturer

BA(StateUNewYork) GradDipEdAdmin(HawthorneIE)    Aquinas

MA(NColorado) MACE

GRONN (Ms) D    Lecturer

DipT(BurwoodStColl) BEd(VicColl) GradDipCompEd MEd(Deakin)   St Patrick’s

HORNE (Dr) Marjorie H. Senior Lecturer

BSc BEd PhD(Monash)  St Patrick's

LANDO (Dr) John           Senior Lecturer

MA(Melb) DipEd BEd PhD(LaT)  St Patrick's

MAUBACH (Mr) Christoph    Lecturer

BEdMus&Dance(MozarteumSalzburg)      St Patrick's

GradDipMovt&Dance(MelbCAE) MEd(Melb)

McDONOUGH (Dr) Andrea M.    Senior Lecturer

BA DipEd(LaT) MEdSt(Monash) PhD(ACU)        St Patrick's

MORRIS (Dr) Peter H.      Senior Lecturer

BA DipEd(Melb) BTheol(MelbCollDiv)       Aquinas

GradDipEdAdmin(HawthornIE) MA(San Francisco) EdD(LaT) MACE

NUTTALL (Dr) Mary P.   rsm    Lecturer

TPTC, DipTeach(BallaratCAE) MAEdn(SFraser) PhD(LaT)    Aquinas

RYAN (Dr) Josephine M.    Lecturer

BA DipEd MEd (Melb) EdD(Mass)       St Patrick's

SCOTT (Ms) Anne L. Lecturer

DipTeach(InstCathEd) MEd(ACU)    St Patrick’s

SMITH (Ms) Caroline J Lecturer

MSc(Lond) DipEd MEd(J’burg)     St Patrick's

STEPHENS (Dr) Walter Maxwell    Lecturer

MA(Melb) DipEd(Melb) PhD(Wisconsin)

WHITE (Ms) Diane     Lecturer

DipTeach BA BEd(Monash)  St Patrick's

WOOD (Mr) Michael Lecturer

TTPC, BMus(Melb) MEdStuds(Monash)    St Patrick’s

YOUNG (Ms) Patricia A.    Lecturer

BSc(StFX NovaScotia) MHK(WindsorOntario)   Aquinas

ZAJDA (Dr) Joseph       Senior Lecturer

BA(Hons) TSTC(Rusden) MA MEd PhD(Monash)  St Patrick's

Technical and Administrative Staff

ADAMS (Ms) Heather        Field Experience Officer

CALLINAN (Mr) Sean    FieldExperienceOfficer                        Aquinas

NEMETH (Ms) Kim       Executive Officer

BA(LaT)            St Patrick's

O'CONNOR (Ms) Ellen   Laboratory Manager

AssDipAppSc(LabTech) (Swin)  St Patrick's

O'LOUGHLAN (Ms) Gayle    Administrative Officer


TRUONG (Ms) My-Dung     Field Experience Officer


TURNER (Mrs) Alison    Administrative Officer

BA PostGradDipAppL(Melb)             St Patrick's



Head of School

DUNCAN (Assoc. Prof.) Deirdre J.    Associate Professor

TC, DTS(YarraTheolColl) BA[Hons] MEdAdmin(UNE)        Mount St Mary


Foundation Professor

DUIGNAN (Prof.) Patrick A.    Professor

BA HDipEd(NUI) BEd MEdAdmin PhD(Alta) Mount St Mary

Academic Staff

BURFORD (Assoc. Prof.) Charles T.    Associate Professor

TC, BPE MEdAdmin(Calg) PhD(PennState)    Mount St Mary

DipPE(SydTeachColl) MACE FACEA

d’ARBON (Prof.) Anthony   fms    Professor

BSc(UNSW) MSc(Macq) PhD(UNE) Mount St Mary


McLAUGHLIN (Assoc. Prof.) G. Denis   Associate Professor

DipTeach(Mount St MaryTeachColl)    McAuley

BA MEdSt(Qld) PhD(Lond)

McGILP (Dr) E. Jacqueline   ibvm         Senior Lecturer

TPTC, BA BEd(Deakin) DipEdAdmin    Aquinas

DipBusAdmin(WAustIT) MEd(Deakin) PhD(LaT) MACE MACEA

NEIDHART (Dr) Helga M.  RSC    Senior Lecturer

TPTC, BA MEd PhD(UNE) BTheol(MelbCollDiv) FACE        St Patrick's

SPRY (Dr) V. Gayle          Senior Lecturer

TC, BA(Qld) DipTESL(Massey) MEd PhD(UNE)    McAuley

Administrative Staff

NAGAPPAN (Mr) Soma    Manager

BSc(Malaya) GDipBIS MBA(Curtin)    Flagship Research Projects

TO (Ms) Kristan    Executive Officer

BTourism(UC)    Mount St Mary


Head of School

ROSSITER (Prof.) Graham Professor

BSc MEd(Syd) DipEd(SydTeachColl)      Mount St Mary

PhD(Macq) MACE

Academic Staff

CARROLL (Dr) Sandra R. Lecturer

BA(Syd) BTh(MelbColDiv) DipEd(Melb) MTh(Syd) DMin(SFTS)    Mount St Mary

de SOUZA (Dr) Marian   Lecturer

TSTC(MonashTeachersColl) BA(Kanpur) LTCL(Lond) MLitt(UNE)    Aquinas


DONOVAN (Fr) Daniel    Lecturer

STL(SydTheolInst) MEd(BostonColl)    Mount St Mary

ENGEBRETSON (Dr) Kathleen V.    Senior Lecturer

BEd(RE) GradDipRE(SAust) St Patrick's

MCurrSt(UNE) PhD(LaT)

ENGLISH (Dr) Graham J.   Senior Lecturer

TC, BA(ANU) MA(Lanc) DipRE(NatPastoralInstMelb) EdD(Syd) Mount St Mary

FLEMING (Dr) Gerard (Joe) P.    Lecturer

DipTeach(ChrisBroTeachColl Melb) BA(Melb) BEd(LaT) PhD(ACU)        St Patrick’s

FLYNN (Br) Marcellin   fms    Honorary Fellow

BA BEd(Qld) BSc(UNSW) MA(Macq)    Mount St Mary

MEd(Syd) MA EdD(Col) FACE

GOLDBURG (Dr) Peta M.   rsm    Lecturer

BAMusEd (QldConservMus) GradDipRE(McAuleyCollQld)    McAuley

MEd(ACU) MAStTheol(Qld) PhD(N’castle) ASDA LSDA ATCL

GRAJCZONEK (Ms) Janice    Lecturer

DipTeach(McAuleyCollQld) GradDipRE MRelEd(ACU)    McAuley

HYDE (Mr) Brendan M.                 Lecturer

DipTeach(InstCathEdVic) BEd(PhllipIT) MEd(ACU)       St Patrick’s

KEATING (Dr) Ross L.  Lecturer

DipTeach BEd(W’gong) GradDipRelEd(SAustCAE) PhD(Syd) Mount St Mary

LIDDY (Dr) Sally A. Senior Lecturer

BA DipEd(Macq) MEd PhD(BostonColl)    Signadou

RYAN (Dr) Maurice J. Senior Lecturer

BA(LaT) DipEd DipRE(InstCathEdVic)    McAuley

MEd(UNE) PhD(BostonColl) GradCertEdSt(Tas)

RYMARZ (Dr) Richard  Lecturer

DipEd(ACU) MSc MEdSt EdD(Monash)  St Patrick's

VISSER (Mr) Tony      Lecturer

BA(Macq) MA(Syd) MEd(ACU)    Mount St Mary

MTheol(SydCollDiv) MACE AMACEL

WELBOURNE (Dr) Louise OP    Lecturer

TC(DeptEdVic) DipTh DipRE(CorpusChristiCollLondon)    Signadou


WILLMETT (Dr) Tony      Lecturer

DipTeach(CathCollEdSyd) GradDipEdAdmin(WAIT) McAuley


Administrative Staff

BUDWEE (Mrs) Lillian C.    Executive Officer

    Mount St Mary