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Degrees Student

Arts (Pass and Honors), Bachelor of

Psychology, (Pass and Honours), Bachelor of

Arts (Aged Care), Diploma in

Psychology, Doctor of

Arts (Disability Care), Diploma in

Psychology, Master of (Child and Family), (Clinical)

Arts (Residential Care), Diploma in

Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in

Arts (Applied Ethics), Master of
(Exit Qualifications Only)
- Graduate Diploma in Arts (Applied Ethics)
- Graduate Certificate in Arts (Applied Ethics)

Physics, Graduate Certificate in (offered in even-numbered years)

Science for Primary Teachers, Graduate Certificate in

Arts (Leadership), Master of
(Exit Qualifications Only)
- Graduate Diploma in Arts (Leadership)
- Graduate Certificate in Arts (Leadership)

Social Science (Pass and Honours), Bachelor of

Arts (Specialisation: Theology), Graduate Certificate in

Social Science (Research), Master of

Arts (Specialisation: Theology), Bachelor of Social Science (Specialisation: Human Services), Master of

Arts (Theology), Master of

Social Science (Specialisation: Pastoral Care), Graduate Certificate in

Business (Pass and Honors), Bachelor of

Social Science (Specialisation: Pastoral Counselling), Bachelor of

Business, Certificate/Diploma in

Social Science (Pastoral Counselling), Master of

Business Administration (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies), Diploma in

Social Science (Specialisation: Youth Studies), Bachelor of

Chemistry, Graduate Certificate in (offered in odd-numbered years)

Social Work (Pass and Honours), Bachelor of

Electronic Commerce, Graduate Certificate in

Social Work, Master of

Environmental Science (Pass and Honors), Bachelor of

Theology (Pass and Honours), Bachelor of

Hotel Management, Bachelor of

Theology, Certificate/Diploma in

Information Systems Certificate/Diploma in

Theology, Master of

Information Systems (Pass and Honours), Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design, Bachelor of

Information Systems, Master of

Youth Studies, Graduate Certificate in

Liberal Studies, Certificate in

Dual Degrees

Management, Master of

Arts/Business, Bachelors of

Music (Pass and Honours), Bachelor of

Arts/Music, (Pass and Honors), Bachelors of

Music, Master of Arts (ANU) - Social Work (ACU), Bachelors of

Philosophy, Doctor of

Arts/Theology, Bachelors of

Philosophy, Master of

Arts (Theology)/Social Work, Bachelors of


Business/Information Systems, Bachelors of

  Philosophy, Doctor of/Psychology, Master of